cultural difference?

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:35 pm
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I've started watching the Danish TV series Dicte, about a crime reporter who keeps getting entangled in her own stories and ends up helping the police solve crimes. (The police, on the whole, would rather she stopped.) So far it's a pretty mediocre show, but Lars Brygmann (aka Thomas LaCour from Rejseholdet) is in it.

Anyway, in the fourth episode of S1, mild spoilers )
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1) make the days REALLY REALLY BIG because of course I need to know the calendar day. But not month...

1a) remove the month from the day heading, because of course I don't need to know what month a day is in (it does this even on the "month changes during the week" weeks, going from 31 (for October) to 1 (for November), whyyyyy)

2) make the time of day REALLY REALLY SMALL because of course I don't need to know what times things are

3) decide to get REALLY REALLY CONFUSED about how to handle dual calendar systems, even though it had no issue with that before

note: the "all day events" section is tall and mostly empty in the Old Google Calendar one because further on in the week, I have a lot of stacked all day things; that's my RL calendar. The new version is the fandom calendar, which has much fewer things cluttering it up

Old google calendar:
google calendar old version

New google calendar:
google calendar new version

Rule Number One

Oct. 15th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Written for the Stancest scavenger hunt: Stan & Ford as eldritch monsters. Part of an AU by @thisriverdraws and me.

PG, pre-Stancest, implied Billford, ~1750 words. Some references to violence.


It is a desperately cold morning... )

The Newsletter Cometh

Oct. 17th, 2017 07:55 am
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Having listened to the promotional strategy advice of a wide variety of people, I'm planning to accomplish two things this weekend. One will be to set up Hootsuite (or some equivalent social media manager, but that's the one people seem to prefer) to handle automated promotional reminders that I rarely have the emotional energy to do manually. The other will be to set up an opt-in (of course!) newsletter for fans and readers to provide both a direct way to communicate announcements and other information, and to provide special content in exchange for access to attention. I figure to aim for absolutely not more often than once a month except for things like unexpected special sales (which I never know about in advance). Maybe less often than once a month, we'll see. I have a hard time planning these things because I'm not a newsletter reader myself, so I have to figure out what works for people who are.

So what sort of content will the newsletter provide? A lot of it will be just basic information:

  • Upcoming/New publication information

  • Upcoming appearances

  • Current projects

But I'll also be offering some special content not available to people who don't subscribe to the newsletter. And that's where you come in. Here are some ideas of my own, plus suggestions people have made online. Which of these would entice you to sign up for and read a newsletter? What other content would entice you?

  • Worldbuilding information (Alpennian language, geography, history, etc.)

  • Snippets of work in progress (no spoilers!)

  • Exclusive previews of Alpennian short fiction (stories that will eventually be released either free or as a collection, but that I'm not trying to sell individually)

  • Discussions of my writing process (for example, I kept a diary of how the plot of Daughter of Mystery developed as I was drafting it)

  • Alpennia fan art (with the artists' permissions, of course!)

  • Access to Alpennia swag (there is none yet, but I have some ideas percolating -- what would you be interested in?)

Let me know what you think. I'm still trying to get my mind around the psychological aspects of doing a newsletter and how it would differ from my blog, other than providing me with a list of people who have expressed a particular level of commitment and interest to following my writing.


[meme] animated movies

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:20 pm
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A meme I saw at [personal profile] wickedlittletown's, dating back as far as 2010 as it seems?

- X what you saw
- O what you haven't finished or saw sizable portions
- Bold what you loved
- Strike what you disliked/hated
- Leave unchanged if neutral

Read more... )

Hmm... there were a lot of movies I missed out a few years back, so, people more-versed-than-I-into-animation, what do you think should be added to this list if we want to update the meme?

Music Monday

Oct. 16th, 2017 04:59 pm
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I haven’t inflicted my music taste on you for ages, so here are several Kurt Weill songs from the movie September Songs. It’s basically a bunch of artists performing song by Weill in the same location, interspersed with information about Weill, and some original recordings. Here are my favourites.


Oct. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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This weekend I've binge-watched Mindhunter, the new Netflix series about the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit in the late 1970s, as it began developing the modern practice of profiling by interviewing incarcerated serial killers (and even invented the term "serial killer").

Some thoughts under the cut )

Inktober 2017 - Semaine 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 06:32 pm
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Youhou, semaine 2 !

Je m'amuse toujours autant, même si je suis un peu moins satisfaite de ma production au global cette semaine. Je me suis un peu plus éloigné des outils que je maîtrisait, ce qui explique quelques résultats plus hasardeux et j'ai parfois été frustrée de devoir m'en tenir à un seul dessin sans pouvoir recommencer... mais j'ai aussi inauguré avec plaisir mes nouvelles plumes de calligraphie et mon masking-gum tout neuf (oui, j'ai mis le jour 15 aussi, parce que pour le coup le résultat me plaît beaucoup, je l'avais en tête depuis le début, mais il me manquait le mathos...)
Niveau style j'ai encore essayé d'être très diverse et de sortir de mes sentiers balisés... Le jour 12 était une surprise ! Média mixtes et beaucoup plus méticuleux, gore et NSFW que ce que je fais d'habitude ! Je suis quand même satisfaite d'avoir réussit quelques illustrations qui tiennent plutôt bien la route !

Pour la semaine pro :
> il faut que je m'astreigne à prendre des photos plus nettes !
> Maintenant que j'ai mon masking-gum et que j'ai commencé à le prendre en main, j'ai au moins encore deux illustrations en tête
> Il va falloir que je me décide à tenter des lavis !
> Il y a pas mal de potentiel d'amélioration sur l'aspect typo.
> Si je veux que mon carnet me tienne les 31 jour il va falloir que je fasse quelques vis à vis

Et je prend toujours les citations ! :D

Inktober 2017 : Day 8-15 )

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Of serious artists and candid amateurs. )
So this year I decided I would start drawing again and just try to have a good time doing so.

It helps that twice a month there's a "drink 'n' draw" party at this geeky bar I like. Most artists who go there are either devoted amateurs with honed talents or already semi-professionals and we lack complete-beginner-but-enthusiast amateurs. So there, I represent!! Let's just not dwelve on the fact that if I drink more than half a beer I don't draw right at all anymore and I have ideas much weirder than usual. It's a whole other story waiting to be told.

Aaaand. Here's the first pencil sketch I did last month.
OK so I can't draw hands or eyes (yet?) but guess what? I don't care! )
I don't know if I'll ever have the guts to ink it and/or colour it but hey, at least it's a start?

goodbye and good luck

Oct. 14th, 2017 11:05 am
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The kitty has gone to the shelter. It ended up being a bit of a production. Cut for emotional distress, both the cat's and mine )


Oct. 14th, 2017 03:39 pm
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Here's the fic I got for The Darkest Night. Very nicely creepy. Written by Tish, who, funnily enough, was the person I wrote for.

Title: A Few Seconds
Author: Tish
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: Teen
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 1326
Characters: The Master (Ainley), Nyssa of Traken
Warnings: Emotional Manipulation, Psychological Trauma, Sensory Deprivation
Summary: A few seconds mean an eternity of suffering for Nyssa.

unexpected cat

Oct. 14th, 2017 07:17 am
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I currently have a cat clawing gently at my rug and playing with a vitamin bottle. He showed up outside my window at 6:30 this morning, meowing urgently, and ran inside like a shot when I opened the door. I don't think he's just a curious outdoor cat, because I've tried to let him back out and he won't go, plus he's pretty distressed. And he's not feral, because he's clean and not starving--though I gave him some water and a little tuna and he gobbled up both--and because he clearly likes human attention.

No collar, and he's un-neutered, which doesn't speak well for his people.

But anyway, I'm biding my time until 9 am when the animal shelter opens, and hoping he doesn't have fleas that will get into the carpet. Also hoping that he doesn't spray and won't need to go potty. I've made him a box lined with torn paper but I don't know if he'll accept that as a temporary litterbox.

There's also a cardboard box he's going to have to go into so I can take him to the shelter. I put his plate of tuna inside but so far he won't go in. I might have to grab him with a towel.

And now he's resumed prowling around and meowing at me for help, help, help. Be patient, guy, and I'll take you to where your people can, hopefully, find you.

Ficlet: "At The Broken Places"

Oct. 14th, 2017 07:00 am
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
Characters: Fiddleford McGucket, Mabel Pines, Soos Ramirez, and ensemble
Words: 685
Summary: Weirdmageddon is over, but Fiddleford still has a few things to rebuild.
Notes: This story was originally posted on 3/29/17, for Week Four of Fiddleford Appreciation Month, and requires full knowledge of the series.

He’s been called worse things than "crackpot." There were times when he didn’t even care.

Another bingo!

Oct. 13th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Here's my card for [community profile] ladiesbingo:

Enemies Remix Asia Sex Work / Hooker AU Lost and Found
Truth or Dare Team Mates Ritual Marks and Body Decorations Possessive Behaviour Vignette
Touch Pining Wild Card Spells and Geases Sadness
Be Still My Beating Heart Opposite Sides of the Track Natural Colours Film Noir Outsider POV
Something Vital is Stolen Poetry Pretending to be married Relaxation It all depends on this one choice

I could probably pull off either a diagonal line, or a horizontal line through the middle.


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