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Il y a un défi qui me plaisait bien, sur tumblr, mais
1) j'ai raté le début
2) ils n'acceptent pas les webcomics
3) on est censés faire de la retouche d'images sérieuse, pas juste du couper-coller.

Donc je vais me cacher et le faire ici ! :-)

Voilà les catégories, une par jour de mai :

Week One: Your faves (1st-7th)

favorite lesbian character
favorite gay male character
favorite bi/pan female character
favorite bi/pan male character
favorite trans or ace character
favorite comic series with one or more lgbt leads
a character that represents you (the same lgbt+ identity) or a character you identify with (in terms of personality)

Week Two: Underapreciated characters (8th-14th)
Forget about Batwoman, Midnighter and Apollo and the Young Avengers. Now it’s the time for characters that usually don’t get much attention to be in the spotlight! You can do these in any order you want to.

[4] underapreciated characters
[2] underapreciated couples
[1] underapreciated comic series

Week Three (15th-21st)

a marvel or dc couple
a indie/other comics couple
a non-canon couple* at least one of the characters must be canon lgbt
an alternate universe couple
a wlw couple + a palette of your choice
a mlm couple + a palette of your choice
any character(s) + a quote

Week Four (22nd-30th)

the first lgbt character you heard about or the first comic with lgbt representation you’ve read
a live action/animation character
a character you’d like to see in live action (fancasts are welcomed)
any character(s) + a palette based on a pride flag
any character(s) + your favorite color
any character(s) + a palette of your choice
a character you would date or be best friends with
a character that deserved better


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