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Title: You Make Me Look Legitimate. (On Archive Of Our Own)
Author: [personal profile] lannamichaels
Fandom: Check Please
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Rating: G
A/N: This is 100% [personal profile] dira's fault and I have the chat log to prove it. :P The title is from I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory by Kathleen Edwards, which is a wonderful country song about Canadian hockey.

Summary: Eric Bittle gets the call from the national team at 3AM.

2018 Olympics! )

Et pendant ce temps là...

Aug. 16th, 2017 02:48 pm
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J'ai profité de mon temps libre pour mettre à jour ma master-list de fics avec mes productions récentes, mais aussi pour remettre à jour certains liens, car je me suis aperçu que certaines communautés LJ avaient disparues corps et biens (Méchant-loup pour ne pas la nommer, qui était une communauté francophone sur Doctor Who où étaient hébergés certains de mes drabbles...) Heureusement je les avais également mis sur : j'ai pu les retrouver, et ça a été la motivation qu'il me fallait pour créer une collection de drabbles Doctor Who sur AO3 pour mettre tout cela à l’abri des vicissitudes du net : Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

A chaque fois que je met à jour ma master-list, je me met à relire des écrits anciens... et généralement je me dit que c'était vraiment pas mal, ce qui est plutôt bon pour l'ego !

Par contre, puisqu'on parle d'écriture je n'ai quasiment rien avancé de mes textes en cours, motivation zéro malgré le fait que j'ai du temps cette semaine... Je ne sais pas trop ce qu'il faudrait pour que j'arrive à me motiver...

Mon ressenti de Tumblr pour l'instant (pour rappel : je suis !) :

Les plus :
- la diversité des contenus et quelques belles découvertes
- la messagerie qui permet de livechatter avec les utilisateurs
- les asks qui m'ont poussé à écrire en anglais

Les moins :
- c'est chronophage
- je me fait spoiler sur Game of Thrones malgré Tumblr savior
- un sentiment global de vacuité et d'impermanence : j'ai l'impression de débrancher mon cerveau et de naviguer sans vraiment voir avec attention ou prendre le temps d'apprécier/ analyser ce que je regarde (scroll scroll scroll un flot de contenu ad infinitum)
- J'ai encore plus l'impression de parler dans le vide que sur LJ
- on ne retrouve rien sur ce fichu site : impossible de différencier mes posts de ceux que j'ai simplement reblogués, ou de remonter facilement dans l'historique

Bref : je ne suis pas très convaincue... C'est un site qui a un certain attrait et quelques fonctionnalités spécifiques intéressantes, mais pour l'instant je ne suis pas conquise.

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RE: ongoing horror show, err, US national and foreign politics: this is yet another reason why I find the entire Hydra in Marvel comics & MCU concept so stupid, not just in the WWII era, where the sheer logistics (or lack of same) break my brain, but also in the present day. Super-secret organization, master assassins, gadget weapons? This just isn't how fascism works. This is how fascism works. It shouts its goals to the winds and gets itself voted into power.

There is not a single member of the Republican party, nor any other voter who either elected the Orange Menace or by not voting enabled it, who can claim this isn't EXACTLY what they voted for or allowed to happen. Because Agent Orange certainly hadn't kept his views a secret. Nor did his minions.

[récap] 13 drabbles LastMan

Aug. 15th, 2017 07:19 pm
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Auteur : [personal profile] malurette
Base : LastMan (série animée)
Légalité : propriété de Vivès, Balak, Perrin ; je ne cherche ni à tirer profit ni à manquer de respect.
Prompt : 10 couples m/m pour le Yaoi Day, et 3 bonus

du gen, du crack pairing, et du sérieux, voire de l'horrible, mouahahah – et puis du spoil )

I Think I Have A Storage Problem

Aug. 15th, 2017 09:55 pm
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After months of putting it off, today I started the project of cleaning out all the boxes of toys in my cupboard. Which means that my floor is now covered in hundreds (many hundreds?) of action figures because obviously I had to take them all out of their poorly sorted, poorly labeled boxes before I could do anything about organizing them.

Because of this, it has come to my attention that I have TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS.

I mean, I'm sure most non-collector type people would look at my floor and say I had too many toys in general. (Meanwhile, the type of collector who keeps stuff mint in box would be horrified by the fact that they were on the floor at all.) But while I spotted a few duplicate characters among the Doctor Who, Marvel, DC and G.I. Joe stuff than can probably go, it's only the giant pile of Transformers that made me feel like I'd gone wrong somewhere.

The trouble with Transformers is that literally the whole point of the franchise is To Sell Toys. The fiction exists for no other reason, and the fact that it's sometimes good is more of a happy accident than anything else. And it is very good at what it does!

For example, when I first got back into the franchise a decade ago, I bought the version of Starscream that was in the shops because he was easily available. The Animated came out, and I bought Animated!Starscream, along with every clone I could get my hands on. Then I got my glorious Masterpice Starscream, who is perfect, only then Prime came out and I got Prime Starscream as well. So that's four Starscreams and a bunch of other Seeker jets.

Now replace 'Starscream' in the above paragraph with 'Megatron' or 'Soundwave' or 'Waspinator' and change a few details and before long it turns out I have multiple versions of a bunch of characters. Some of which I am totally giving to charity because that is TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS even for me. Maybe some actual children will play with them at some point!

... and maybe once I've cleared some room I'll finally get that Masterpiece Megatron.

(Look, I have Starscream and Soundwave in that size class and they'd make a really cool display that would fit on my shelf just right!)

Orphan Black 5.10

Aug. 15th, 2017 12:59 pm
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In which we get a LotR or Babylon 5 type of ending, and it's lovely.

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I am looking forward to Jodi Whittaker’s Doctor, but last week it hit me really badly how much I’m going to miss Peter Capaldi, and I promptly started a Capaldi era rewatch, and fell in love with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara (and Missy, and (almost) all the storylines and themes) all over again. This was when Moffat-DW really clicked for me. I like the Eleventh Doctor, I like Amy, Rory, and of course River, but individual episodes aside, I was never in love during that particular era. And that’s okay. With a canon spanning more than 50 years, you really don’t have to be all the time. But it’s really great when it happens.

Madmen and -women in boxes )


Aug. 13th, 2017 08:03 pm
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The things you learn: seems Samantha Bee of tv comedy fame is a Call The Midwife fan. A woman of taste, which is not new.:) As the unspeakable creature in the White House brings us closer to WWWIII by the tweet and finds condemming Nazis as Nazis too much of an effort, I can see why watching CdM is a good way to maintain sanity.

(Sidenote: I usually avoid calling present day people Nazis because the term is flung around far too often and sometimes in bizarre contexts - see: "grammar nazi" - but if they scream about blood and soil, give the fascist salute and throw the occasional Sieg Heil in, there's absolutely no reason to call them anything else. No more of this "Alt-Right" nonsense.)

But to return to "Call the Midwife", here's a lovely new story, a terrific portrait of Shelagh/Sister Bernadette that follows her through her life to that most crucial of years to her, 1958: life, and breath, and all things.

And here's a Black Sails rec:

The Fields of Elysium: the story of Thomas Hamilton after the 2.05 flashbacks until and including something spoilery )


Aug. 12th, 2017 06:07 pm
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I saw Dunkirk yesterday and highly recommend it. It's very good across the board, gripping, gritty, and realistic. I have only two small quibbles: it was hard to hear the dialogue over the music and bombings. (My hearing is getting progressively worse, but my partner agreed.) The non-linear storytelling sometimes worked for me and sometimes was just a bit confusing. It didn't seem like a story that really needed non-linear storytelling to get the point across. Otherwise, it's an utterly fantastic look at the terrors of war and the courage of people pulling together in crisis. (Oddly, it made me think, "Maybe we can survive climate change.")

The film I am most reminded of is Grave of the Fireflies, though Dunkirk is about soldiers (mainly), not civilians; takes place over a day or so rather than months; and is not animated. It is, however, a story about the horrors of war with virtually no reference to the politics of war. The enemy is nothing but an implacable force raining down fiery hell. The whole story is from one side's perspective, but that's okay because that perspective is not used to project anything onto the other side; it's really just all about surviving hell and making us ponder why we put ourselves and fellow people into situations like this.

(no subject)

Aug. 12th, 2017 02:16 pm
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Buy a pair of bookcases and order a few spare shelves with them, get someone with a car to give you a lift and a hand to pick them up, put them together, move all the books in!! then realise you didn't get enough after all, place a new order for more spare shelves... and go pick them up on your bicyle even though it's an half-hour ride, strap them on your backpack, add a week's worth of groceries in the front basket and go your merry way back? no problem at all!!

I'll still have to get yet another bookcase within a few weeks. Either I get a third big one and need someone to lend me a car again, or I decide to go with two small ones instead and take the subway with them? We'll see.

books and TV

Aug. 11th, 2017 07:25 pm
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Being able to stream Netflix on my phone is leading to me watching a lot more (old) TV than I used to. After I finished Leverage, I tried a couple of comedies: Master of None, which I noped out on after about two minutes (explicit het sex plus pregnancy talk, nope nope nope nope), and Bordertown, an animated show about two families on the US-Mexico border. It's made by Seth McFarlane, so I should have known better--I lasted about ten minutes.

Several more TV shows under the cut )

When not staring at the extremely small screen, I've read Charles Stross's latest Laundry Files books, The Delirium Brief. The books have been getting grimmer for some time now, and this one most of all. A good book, but not recommended if you're already in despair about the state of the world.

I also read the new Rivers of London novella The Furthest Station, which is enjoyable as a side story to the main narrative. As usual, there is not enough Thomas Nightingale. I suspect that all those fans who interpret Nightingale as gay (I'm one of them, and I know Aaronovitch is aware of them because reasons) have freaked Aaronovitch out and we're never going to get another tender emotional moment between Thomas and Peter. Indeed, we seem to get less Nightingale with each successive book. *is sad*

Coming up, I want to watch a bunch of the Gay Britannia programming from the BBC. There are two shows about men falling in love during World War II! Oh, BBC, it's like you read my letter to Santa. I don't know yet if either show is any good, but I'm hoping.


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